Bringing together industry experts from academic, government, private sector, research, and other think-tanks.

​Founded in 1952 with its genesis within the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council.​


Envisioning The Built Environment

The next 50 years of where we work, live and learn.

Our Mission

​The Building Futures Council (BFC) is an independent, think-tank 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation composed of senior executives of organizations engaged in all aspects of the building and construction processes.  The Council represents private and public owners, planners, engineers, architects, construction, attorneys, consultants, financiers, accountants, insurers, publishers, manufacturers and academia.

In fulfilling its mission, the BFC makes use of the varied talents of its multidiscipline, diverse membership to improve the processes by which the physical assets of our nations built environment are created, managed and protected. Members serve as individuals and act collectively as a “think-tank” to identify critical issues encountered in the building and construction process.  
The Building Futures Council is prepared to analyze, discuss, and benchmark best practices within the building and construction industry.  By advocating for guidelines and criteria for improving efficiency in the processes, the Council will be a part of the process furthering the overall well-being of our nation and the facilities we live, work, learn and govern. 
​Providing best practices, research studies, policy recommendations, industry alignment conferences.


Building Futures Council